What we study



What are the psychological mechanisms that support cooperation in humans? How do cooperative abilities develop in children? Do cooperative abilities develop similarly across different cultures? How do other animals solve cooperative dilemmas? 

These are some of the questions that we tackle in the Cooperation Lab at Boston College. Using a variety of methods that capture people's behavior in cooperative dilemmas, we hope to better understand how cooperative behavior is sustained in humans, how it develops in children and how it evolves.


How do I participate?



If you are a parent interested in signing your child (or children) up for a study or need help locating our lab, please go here.

If you are a student interested in the research opportunities that we have in the lab, please go here.



Lab News

4/29/2017- Congratulations to our very own Katie Lamirato for being awarded The Legacy Grant and the Advanced Study Grant for Thesis Research!

4/4/2017 -  Lily Tsoi has received a Dissertation Fellowship from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences for 2017-2018.

2/23/2017 - Learn about our fairness research by listening to this podcast episode from Jen Lumanlan's 'Your Parenting Mojo'.

2/13/2017 - Christopher Cole, a former RA was accepted to DePaul University's PhD program in psychological sciences working with Dr. Sheila Krogh-Jespersen on researching the development of social competence.

2/8/2017 - Dr. McAuliffe's review of human fairness was published in Nature Human Behaviour

1/27/2017 - Dr. McAuliffe was announced as a 2016 Rising Star by the American Psychological Society (APS)

12/9/2016- Katie McAuliffe was presented the award for the 2017 Early Career Research Contributions Award from the Society for Research in Child Development. Congratulations Katie!