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The Team


Katherine McAuliffe

Principal Investigator   

Born in Italy and raised all over the world, Katherine began her academic career interested in evolutionary anthropology, but quickly became fascinated by the cooperative behaviors of children. Her work aims to understand the uniqueness of human cooperation and how it varies between different human populations and different species. Katie has studied Meerkats, Dolphins, Capuchin Monkeys, Dingos, Gorillas, Cleaner Fish, and many other species. 


Laurent Prétôt

Post - Doctoral Member           

Graduated from Georgia State University with a PhD in psychology, working under the supervision of Dr. Sarah F. Brosnan in the CEBUS Lab. The overarching goal of his dissertation project was to investigate the relative roles of cognition and ecology in shaping decision-making. To do so, he compared the performance of various primates (including human children, orangutans, gorillas, drills, macaques, and capuchin monkeys) with cleaner fish in tasks designed to be ecologically relevant to fish. For his postdoctoral project, he will investigate children’s cooperative decision-making in socially valid context.


Gorana Gonzalez

Lab Coordinator                  

Received a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from the University of Florida and has been part of the lab since May 2016.


Lily Tsoi

Graduate Student

 As a fifth-year graduate student in the Morality Lab at Boston College, Lily is interested in theory of mind and its role in social interactions across different contexts. She has been collaborating with the lab since June 2016.


Sophia Martin

Honor Thesis Student

Senior at Boston College majoring in Psychology. Member since Fall 2016 and currently working on her research project. 


Katie Lamirato

Honor Thesis student

Senior at Boston College majoring in Psychology. She has been a member since Spring 2017 and is currently working on her research project. 



Oriella Mansur

Research Assistant

Junior at Boston College majoring in Psychology. Lab member since Fall 2016.


Quinlan Taylor

Research Assistant

Junior at Boston college majoring in Psychology and Asian Studies. Lab member since Fall 2016.


Daniel Gil

Research Assistant

Junior at Boston College majoring in Psychology with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Lab member since Summer 2017.


Yasmin Ali

Research Assistant

Junior at Boston College majoring in Psychology and minoring in Islamic Civilizations and Societies. Lab member since Fall 2017.


Kyleigh Leddy

Research Assistant

Junior at Boston College doubling majoring in Psychology and English. Lab member since Fall 2017.


Lab Alumni



4/29/2017- Congratulations to our very own Katie Lamirato for being awarded The Legacy Grant and the Advanced Study Grant for Thesis Research!

4/4/2017 - Lily Tsoi has received a Dissertation Fellowship from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences for 2017-2018.

2/13/2017 - Christopher Cole, a former RA was accepted to DePaul University's PhD program in psychological sciences working with Dr. Sheila Krogh-Jespersen on researching the development of social competence

2/8/2017 - Dr. McAuliffe's review of human fairness was published in Nature Human Behaviour

1/27/2017 - Dr. McAuliffe was announced as a 2016 Rising Star by the American Psychological Society (APS)

12/9/2016 Katie McAuliffe was presented the award for the 2017 Early Career Research Contributions Award from the Society for Research in Child Development. Congratulations Katie!